Every step you take is an offering of gratitude.

Are We There yet?

‘Are We There Yet?’ is a vigil, a sanctuary for anyone who has ever been acquainted with grief.

A spirit guide leads the audience through a series of meditation labyrinths. On their journey they encounter expressions of grief & spaces of healing. Meanwhile, the artists are on their own journeys through the labyrinth, embodying both ritual and personal spaces of shock, mourning, anger, support, joy, and actualization.

The evening includes a guided meditation as well as interactions with the installation. The audience is invited to write a short offering to people, places, pets, or dreams that they have loved and lost. Each artist builds a memorial to their own loved ones, and the audience is free to spend time at these shrines as well.

This piece was created to encourage conversation on the cyclical nature of grief and the endlessly varied expressions and experiences through which it takes form. We hope that this vigil acts as validation for anyone who has ever wondered why they were still sad after so many years, or whether anger was appropriate, or why they felt nothing . . .

We hope that this vigil reflects the highs as well as the lows - not only the moment of loss but also the period of rediscovery. That which I recognize as absent becomes present in some new form - a mother who becomes a butterfly, a daughter who becomes a bluebird, a place that becomes a scent, a pet or person or dream that becomes an act of love.

Made possible with support from Fly on a Wall.

Videography & Editing: 
Christina Massad - 
@christinajcreative + @christinajmassad.

Ashely Glasco - @yvetteglasco + @glascovisuals
Christina Massad - 
@christinajcreative + @christinajmassad.

1,000 Places

Even when a space is gone, its Place lives on in you.

Spaces hold us, haunt us, help us to grow, and inspire us. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in them long after we have left, and sometimes we realize that we’ve outgrown them while we’re still inside - bridges burning in the wake of transformation.

This is the foundation of Mediums’ ongoing research for our performance installation piece, 1,000 Places. In this work we invite audiences to examine spaces that have shaped and defined them as we activate the installation with embodied love letters to our own Places.

What artifacts from your past do you carry with you still today? 

A special blanket, a special scent, the distant ringing of chimes, a salt breeze on your cheek, or the taste of your best friend’s favorite dish …

We invite you to consider the spaces that have held you and the artifacts they’ve left behind. Leave behind your imprint - the shapes of every Place that shapes you to this day. Recognize that even though a space is gone, its Place lives on in you.


May 10 & 11, 2019 / Balzer Theatre - ATL

Everything that’s old is new again.

Everything That’s Old is New Again is an ongoing process of deconstruction and visitation. With each iteration we revisit patterns and practices that we once left behind in times of great change or upheaval.

This research is experimental. What will arise within us when we revitalize these patterns? Will we rediscover the joy and utility that brought us to them in the first place or do they hold untouched traumas or taboos? We approach this process with compassion - each behavior that no longer serves us served us once before.

Jul. 27, 2018 / Cafe Belcampo - Amsterdam, NL

How can these visitations simultaneously take us back and move us forward? We honor what our bodies learned to get us where we are today.


Dec. 8, 2018 / Active Space - ATL

Videography by Ruschawn

Growing Pains

Growing Pains is a dance & performance piece that examines the turbulent nature of transformation.

Drawing inspiration from Dante's Inferno and particularly from Anita Barrow's poem, "Questo Muro," the dancers embody a journey through the furnace of growth - both as guides and participants.


Oct. 2018 / The Bakery - Atlanta, GA

Videography by Ruschawn


Poppet is a performance installation piece by MediumsATL artists Porter Grubbs and Peter Flamming/Rogue Jury.

The dancer takes on the role of a poppet - an effigy designed to channel sympathetic magic. Electronic music producer and performance artist Peter Flamming/Rogue Jury uses pre-made compositions in conjunction with live music to shift the energetic state of the poppet.

How does rage manifest through sound and through the body? What is the physical state of possessive intentions vs. protective intentions? We use regular and irregular states of rhythm, tone, and timbre to convey these intentions.

The full installation includes warm lights in front of a wall of various reflective materials and a small interactive shrine built and activated by Peter before the beginning of the performance. This places the audience under the effects of scent and ambient sound - very powerful sensations that conjure a sense of the otherworldly.